Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

when traveling on a plane, what is the difference between coach, business and first?


I usually travel coach but now, im traveleling to Paris and its a looooooong flight so I want to be comfortable. And also if you have any preference on airlines let me know! Please give me details! Thank you!

first= biggest seats,lots of space,and nothing but attention.

business= big seats,quietness,medium attention,more for business trips.

coach= small seats,no room,small amounts of attention

try first costs a lot but worth it.

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20 Responses to “when traveling on a plane, what is the difference between coach, business and first?”
  1. aint_no_stoppin_us says:

    On the international flights I've been on, the business class seats are identical to those in first. The difference is the level of service and type of food (first being better in both).References :

  2. Becky says:

    coach is the lowest class, business is what people tend to use on business trips, i.e its in the middle, leaning towards 1st class but not quite, and 1st class is quite simply luxury.References :

  3. hockey.chic says:

    i belive in business you get an extra 6 inch of spcae for your legs, doesnt sound like much but its well worth it on a long trip and first class you have tons of space free drinks, they basically just feed your ego and make you feel good haha.References :

  4. Bill K says:

    The main difference is price. If you are willing to pay megabucks for Business or First class, you get comfort, food, and drink. And a pleasant ride. And room for your feet.References :

  5. pibe says:

    The most important difference is the price.
    In first class you'll travel much better , but usually it costs double price,References :

  6. elyuri0509 says:

    Im not real sure what coach is, but its first, buisness then economy. Buisness is actually very comfortable and the seats are very big, but if u want to really enjoy it like sleeping or enjoy food, choose first.References :

  7. kpkramer97 says:

    What's the difference?


    Coach – you only get so much per seat, and you're constantly crunched with different people.

    business class you get a little more room as far as foot/seating room – Think of business class as sitting next to the Emergency exit… you get a few more inches.. and it makes a difference…

    First Class – I wish I were you… lucky, lucky traveler..References :

  8. Bobby T says:

    first class is , well the best it can get lots of room great food and the all around best place to be seated. but it also cost the most. beusniss(i cant spell >,<) is about the median it has ok seating and not the most leg room but it is better than coach. coach is average it can get cramped but has the best price. i would go first ! if its once in a lifetime, well screw it! have the best time you possibly can!References :

  9. mar_macgillivray says:

    Well, never having travelled anything but "coach", I can only guess. Apart from the price, you should have extra legroom, better food, upgraded service.

    The only tip I can give you about the flight itself is to turn up early in your smartest gear so that, if you have booked coach and they need to bump someone into business class, you look the part and they pick you :)

    I'm jealous – Paris is a brilliant city to visit. Have a great time.

    MReferences :

  10. CG says:

    From what I believe, coach is the lowest class and cheapest seats. Business is the same as first class? (i think) I have traveled a lot and I have always flew in coach (economy) class. It is a tight fit, but it has a descent amount of space. If it is just you flying then you could probably go for business. But, if your saving money and it is like a family of 4 tough luck.References :

  11. blondestar says:

    1st class, you get to board the plane first, you get free alcoholic beverages, and you have plenty of room, going over seas they have movies to watch as well. business class is next in line. some airlines offer just business, so you have to check with the exact airline to find out benefits, but you enjoy the same benefits as first class. if you have ever been on a plane before then you should know what coach is. you have no room, get some free drinks and take forever to get on and off. Most overseas flights are bigger planes. like i said just check with the airline to find out more information.References :

  12. cliveyboyuk says:

    From where – try Virgin Airlines if they fly from your town, city country.
    The price difference is why the cattle are kept in the coach seats – pay anything up to 3 times the amount for business and maybe up to 10 times for 1st classReferences :

  13. carly says:

    Go first class… more leg room and better service.References :

  14. richarddavis87 says:

    first= biggest seats,lots of space,and nothing but attention.

    business= big seats,quietness,medium attention,more for business trips.

    coach= small seats,no room,small amounts of attention

    try first costs a lot but worth it.References :

  15. DIAMOND_GEEZER_56 says:

    Coach = working class, the poor buggers that do all the hard graft that these snooty gtits look down on.

    Business =- Half snooty, or people that think they are cos the have a few bob and a pin stripe suit on.

    1st class = The right snooty hooray Henrie's, the snobs who mustn't be seen mingling with the working class, as it spoils their image.References :

  16. thebrockmillionaire says:

    The difference between first/business class and coach is signicant. The comfort level, service, and food is tremendously better. I have flown to Italy first class and it was excellent. Flew to Spain the next year in coach and it was like night and day. On long flights it is especially better considering the time you'll spend in the air. However, you do pay a much higher premium to fly up front. If you have it in your budget, i definitely recommend it.References :

  17. Lorzie says:

    most aircraft now only have either first or business rarely both
    the aircraft is divided up into 3 sections:
    first /business /coach
    rule of thumb is the more expensive the ticket the less restrictions apply
    with first your ticket is the most expensive and the most amenities
    business much the same as first except geared more to the business traveller but the fares are a little less and some restrictions may apply
    coach is everything else beyond these sections and this is where the fares range drastically
    they range from full fare (highest fare for this category)coach tickets without restrictions to the most restrictive with the lowest fares (super seat sales)
    using a national carrier or one of the big guys is the best bet as airlines tend to be in financial trouble a lot
    hope this helpsReferences :

  18. GSH says:

    long flight? It's a 40min journey from LHRReferences :

  19. foxhound says:

    Where are you flying from?

    Long flight means zero as heres the point. Spend $12000, 7000, 5000 , 2500 or 1000. You still get there and that money saved by flying in a lower class can be spent on a great meal and things to take home later.References :

  20. hr4me says:

    1. Leg room in each class is different. (Coach being the most crowded)

    2. Amenities – business class and first class have different food service, beverage service, and extra's that you won't be offered in coach.References :

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